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Ain't it strange

The Internet is a strange and mystical place. At 10am this morning, I went to download the live journal client for windows, so I could add entries from my laptop. (Hey, I don't like entering them on the web). I was reading over the main page, when I decided to look at what other random people were doing with their live journals. I came across this homepage, which links to the contents of his live journal, I thought that it was a really clever idea, and decided that I finally had a use for a web page. So, I first decided that I needed to become a paid member of the live journal community so that I could create styles and the such, so I sent in my $25. I then spent the rest of the morning relearning HTML, and figuring out how the live journal system works, using my brother's account to create a template. It looks almost exactly like the aforementioned page right now. I will probably get around to changing it in the future, but why mess too much with a good thing? Well, I am going to be spending the next couple of days creating a web page, I will probably put it up on my RoadRunner account, since I will be loosing my RIT one in the next couple of months. Hopefully that will be up soon.

In other news, I was up late (again) playing Red Alert 2. What can I say, I am having fun. Those silly Russians keep nuking me though, which makes winning difficult. Maybe I will figure it out tonight, assuming I decide not to do my discrete homework.

Nothing else much happening right now. I have been too busy playing Red Alert 2 to do much of anything, such as playing guitar, watching movies, sleeping... although I have managed to get some breaks to get some homework done. Speaking of getting work done, I think I will do that now.

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