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Go me.

So, 7pm rolled around last night, and I thought, I will get some work done. So I checked my work email, and sure enough there was some stuff that needed to get done, so I started working on it. Before I knew it, midnight had rolled around. I am done (for now) though, although a bit tired this morning. I got a call from Ed last night, just to chat, which was nice.

Travis asked me if I wanted to go to Pittsburgh with him this weekend. I haven't decided yet. On one hand, I will be occupied this weekend (maybe). I don't know what I would do there, but I don't know what I would do here either, since it is father's day weekend, everyone is busy.

The good news is that I put in an extra 5 hours yesterday, so I can leave early Friday, which would be good, since I want to go see a movie. Too bad Eric isn't here, he would go with me.

I think I need a nap. I feel accomplished though.

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