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I'm not a huge Sarah McLachlan (who spells McLachlan (sic) like that anyway), but I've listened to her new album (Afterglow) the whole way through, and generally, I like it. It's good lazy music, which I generally like after a long day at work. As a side note, Norah Jones fits that bill very well too.

Fallen, the opening track is upbeat, yet methodical and thoughtful at the same time. So far, I think that's my favorite cut from the album (retro terms!).


As an aside, the email from the CTO was cool because I work with 9000 other people. Granted, probably only 3000-4000 people are in the technology organization, but the fact that he even took the time to say thanks is cool.

The email he sent is:

Paul and Jeremy-

I'd like to add my congratulations for getting this done so quickly. The intent was that there would be significantly more time when DVD's for Premise for a few selected prisons was first discussed. I was very surprised to find out how short the deadline was, a matter of days. I would like to personally thank both of you for responding to an extremely short and unexpected time requirement, and delivering nonetheless.

Great work and a job well done.

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