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Another late-in-the-day update

I was going to update my journal this morning, but work got the better of my time. Travis and Scott joined me for lunch at Baristers downtown, the food was good. Shortly before lunch though my stomach started giving me problems, and I wasn't feeling too well. I came home long enough to change and then I went and got my haircut, and then went from there to my Ultimate Frisbee game (with a pitstop at Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up a new disc. I was playing Travis team tonight and we one, though they put in a huge effort (go Travis' team). I had a beautiful diving, rolling, tumbling, sliding catch, for a score. Because of all running I did tonight, I reinjured my hamstring, though not as bad as last time, I can still run and stuff, it is just sore.

Going to pay my tuition tomorrow, which will suck up my entire paycheck. Thankfully I should be getting my tuition check tomorrow from the company tomorrow too, but it doesn't appear to be direct deposit.

Oh, since this is becoming a LONG update, I watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? I was pleasantly surprised by this film, especially the music. It was well performed and the film was humorous, but not in poor taste.

Lastly, I would like to welcome all newcomers to my friend's list, gdj, soco, sisterwronk, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Time for a shower.

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