What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?


I've been playing with photoshop recently, trying to get decent black & white images, as my previous attempts have been mediocre at best (lack of contrast, lack of detail/being washed out, and not looking like film black and white).

I found that the problem is that you can't just desaturate an image (get rid of the color information), because B&W film is more sensitive to certain colors than others (different than color film). In a digital camera, which typically gives precedence to green, you end up with a B&W image that favors greens, which no B&W film does.

So, in order to get decent images, I ended up converting the image to "Lab Color" in Photoshop, clicking on the "Channels"
tab, and turning off the a and b channels. At his point, you end up with a nice looking black and white photo, decent contrast and detail. So, we have a Lab image that still has some favored colors, so we need to convert to grayscale, which causes the image to become flat (not enough contrast), so I upped the contrast on my images anywhere between +7 and +24 to get the look I wanted.

Here are the results

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