What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
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I got home, plowed my vehicle through the 2 foot pile of snow at the end of my driveway (yes 2 feet), and proceeded to snowblow the driveway (this is the first time I'm really glad we have one). It took a while because there was lots of snow courtesy of Mr Plow, but almost the entire driveway had drifted over too. It was fun, err, maybe not. After successfully cleaning the driveway, I made a spot at the curb for the garbage and proceeded to take the old dishwasher out, all by myself. I hope the trash people take it.

As if I wasn't feeling accomplished enough, I then did my lifting routine. I don't feel any stronger though. Hmph.

Again, not feeling that I've accomplished enough today, I then proceeded to clean the basement... well, half of it anyway. I think it looks much better. I should have taken before and after pictures.

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