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Friday @ 3

One more hour before I get out of here (today has pretty much been high level stress all day, but I won't get into that).

I've decided to start creating a webpage that tells everyone everything I know about photography. So far, there's some basic content there, and while I like the overall design of the page, it needs some work with the content layout, maybe Travis can help me with that.

My picture of the day yesterday was taken while I was cooking dinner (which took longer than expected). I really like yesterday's picture. The detail in the bag is incredible (make me glad I got the 50mm lens), and the Depth of Field works well. I think the bottle could have been a little sharper, but it has character being a tad out of focus. The 'natural lighting' gives it a nice effect too.

Time to think about what to photograph today. I meant to bring the camera to work too. Granted, with the ice on the sidewalk on the way in, I probably would have dropped it, so I'm probably better off.

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