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... and the sun shinith

I woke up this morning bright and early (8am), because the sun decided to come up and shine through my window about that time. I was shocked and wondered what sort of crazy dream I could be having. When I realized I wasn't dreaming, I hoped out of bed, determined to take pictures today, but first...

I woke up the others and announced the finding of sunshine. They didn't believe me, so I opened up their blinds. They too were shocked. We ate breakfast and mother nature played a cruel little joke and it got cloudy. About this time, Travis and I got to cleaning and boy does the place look nice! In the middle of cleaning, Ed left. It's sad to see him go, but he DOES now have his own LJ</b>. Go Ed!

After we finished cleaning (about 1), Travis and I headed to Webster Park, where it was VERY icy, and Travis almost ran into someone's car (they don't salt the parking lot). I took a bunch of pictures while there. I've never been to that particular park. It was nice; windy, but nice. Of course, I left my hat in the car, almost fell several times (with expensive camera in hand), but I did get a couple nice pictures. My favorite is the one to the left. It's a neat picture because the snow and ice almost look like sand (trust me, it's not). It'll be interesting to go back in the summer and get the same picture with real sand. Go ahead and click on it.

The next adventure for the day laid in traveling back to Irondequoit Bay, where we took pictures of a very frozen Lake Ontario a couple of weeks ago. One the way there, I saw something that should surprise my British friends. People racing around on the bay. Honest! I've got pictures to prove it! I had Travis park the car, grabbed my 400mm lens (the first time I've actually had a use for it). I snapped 50 or so pictures before heading back to the car.

We then continued on to the same spot where the pictures from last month were. This time, the lake wasn't frozen, so I took a bunch of new pictures there too. I didn't go all the way out because it was far too windy, and I was far too cold. All those pictures are available here.

I'll post my favorite pictures from today's adventures later on.

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