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Happy Corto Day

Yup, that's me, only not today. Didn't have time to take a picture this morning, so that's from yesterday.

Well, it's corto's birthday today, which means that it's Corto Day, and we do things in the Corto style of LJ entries.
Last night was American Idol night, nothing too impressive, but they are still all more talented than me. It was also BWW night last night. The service was slow, but the company was good, and I'm glad I went.
Spencer decided to vomit up the tupper-ware that he ate yesterday at 5, 5:15, and 5:30 this morning. I'm glad he did it in the kitchen, but it still wasn't fun to clean up. I'm pretty sure the cat was sitting at the top of the stairs laughing at me.
Ed will be moving at the end of March. I'm happy for him, but it'll be sad to have him 2000 miles away. He'll probably also want his cat back then.

~ green henley
~ flat-front khaki's (for the ladies)
~ some sort of undergarments
~ to watch the American Idol results show tonight
~ to enjoy my pot roast for dinner that I started in the slow cooker this morning
~ to visit some friends this evening
~ to finish up a project at work
~ that reynoldBret feels better soon
~ that spencerrileySpencer is feeling better
~ a big Happy Birthday to corto
~ that I had taken the week off like knightsdawnAyoub
~ I had a better picture of myself, that one is horrible
~ I had $50,000 (since I'm wishing for things, I figured...)

Finally, it today's news, a train derailed in Iran, killing possibly hundreds of people. My thoughts go out to those people, but why on earth would you put petrol, fertilizer, cotton and sulfur on the same train? That's just asking for a disaster.

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