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Why oh why?

Last night, I came back from visiting some friends to find that Spencer stole his food that was to be his breakfast this morning (off the counter), though he didn't eat it. He did however steal a postcard off the counter and proceeded to eat that. Well, all but about 1 sq inch. I don't get that dog. In addition, I'm pretty sure he ate a Cadbury Creme Egg that was sitting on the counter Tuesday night. I actually think he was trying to eat the box that the egg came in, and the foil and egg were just in the way. That would explain why he was hyper/sick Wednesday morning (in addition to the eating of plastic). Granted, I didn't figure out he ate it until last night, a good 48 hours after he ate it. Sometimes, I just don't understand him.

In cat related news, she went nose to nose with him yesterday, through a gate. Neither one backed down. This could get interesting.

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