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I should get paid for this stuff

I was browsing the server logs, and noticed someone at Sound and Vision magazine was linking to one of my pages, so I investigated and found this post:

How about a flexy rack Tim? I Yahooed for "flexy rack" and here is some of the links I got:

http://www.jetcom.org/~jsb/flexirack.php (this one looked pretty cool)
http://www.geocities.com/viperaudiox/diy_flexy_rack.htm (so, so. Some nice ideas)
http://www.io.com/~patman/ht.html (This page had some cool pics, plus a non'flexy style rack the owner had to build)

Here's the Yahoo page with the rest of the links:


Wished I had found this stuff before I bought my Salamander rack. Hope this helps.

He liked it, he really liked it... so much so that he listed it first :)

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