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Stupid UPS

I called UPS yesterday because I got a nasty-gram from them saying I didn't pay my bill (which I did). While I was talking to the lady, I took the opportunity to complain about the bills, how the 'Amount Due This Period' is not really the amount due, if, for example, you overpaid the previous period, or sent in a check without an invoice. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Your bills are confusing, the amount due this period isn't really the amount due.
Her: Actually it is, if you only send in the amount due from the previous period, it's right.
Me: When I pay my bill, I usually round up to the nearest dollar, or pay ahead for a package that I sent, but wasn't invoiced yet.
Her: You shouldn't do that, our systems don't support negative balances.
Me: That's interesting, because I have overpaid before, and it was deducted from the next bill.
Her: That's because we have a team that takes the over-paid amount and counts it as a refund voucher.
Me: Which then gets applied to my bill?
Her: Umm, yes.
Me: So how is that different than a credit?
Her: I guess it's not, but please just pay the 'Amount due this period', and there won't be a problem.
Me: I didn't think there was a problem.
Her: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Nope, thanks

Bewildering that a company as large as UPS doesn't have credits, yet they do. I was very confused.

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