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Furnace Stuff

Below is the whole furnace installation details. The summary is this: I'm glad I didn't do it, and as my coworker puts it, "It blows"

The first guy from Taylor Heating (who doesn't have a webpage) showed up at about 7:50 and started looking around. I showed Tom where everything was (like the furnace). He asked me if I wanted to turn the heat up for a bit before they got started so that I would be comfortable. A nice gesture, but I was set. 10 minutes later, his partner, Pat, showed up. Right on time. So far so good. I went to the den to get some work done and left Spencer in the kitchen to hang out so he wouldn't wander into the basement while I wasn't looking.

About 10am, while going out to his truck, Tom knocked over the gate to the kitchen and Spencer got lose. I was amused, and decided that it was time to put Spencer in his crate so that the gate wouldn't be knocked over again. Spencer promptly went to sleep. I went back to the Den and heard lots of grumbling and sawzalling. I laughed. It turns out that the A/C unit was installed in such a way that the furnace needed to be cut in order to keep the A/C unit in one piece.

10:30 rolled around and Tom brought the new furnace down. At about this time, both Tom and Pat were busy with something else, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures, which aren't yet online. I also took the SpencerCam camera and moved it down to the basement so that the whole crew could watch what was going on. When I went downstairs to do this, the old furnace was already out and awaiting the trip to the front yard. Glen took notice that the new furnace had a label on it that said, "Gas Furnace." Probably a good thing.

Apparently the old furnace was much heavier than the new one, as it took both guys to haul it upstairs, even after removing the 35lb blower motor. I would have offered to help, but I was paying too much for that. A nice touch when moving it was that they put drop cloths on all the carpet to keep it from getting messy. Another nice touch.

So, after doing some framing, installing a new chimney, and covering all the holes from the old humidifiers (6 of them I think), with new tin, the new furnace went into place. The first thing I noticed was that it was 2 feet shorter than the old one. So, there was a good 2ft gab between the A/C coils and the top of the furnace. Eventually this was framed in with tin, and it looks all pretty now.

They finished up at about 5:00 and started explaining everything to be. At this point, I noticed the new AprilAire humidifier. It is HUGE, but uber-cool. It also has an outside temperature sensor, so it can correctly adjust the humidity.

As my coworker said, "So, does it blow?" My answer is YES! It moves so much more air than the previous furnace. The 2 stage is very nice. The first stage keeps it nice most of the time, and the 2nd stage kicks on if the set temperate difference is more than 3 degrees from the current. I think it heated the house from 62-68 in 15 minutes this morning. I was happy.

In all, it was a good investment.

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