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Garbage in...

Class was ok tonight, although I almost fell asleep. I am going to be going to bed here soon.

I updated Travis' home page to include his Live Journal. I hope he is happy with it. I am. It would probably use a little tweaking, but overall it is pretty good. We'll see. He may want to change it to not have all the green bars, but I don't think it is bad. Since he'll be reading this soon, I guess I'll find out what he thinks.

I am still waiting for someone at LJ to get back 'into the office' so that they can change my account to a paid account, so that I can link from my home page, which I will list here when it actually goes up. It is looking pretty sharp in my opinion. Should be up soon enough.

Ahhh, I still have about 66 more CDs to rip. Glad I have a fast computer.

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