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Beginning to house hunt

Travis and I went to look at a house last night. The neighborhood was nice, the neighbors were nice, the location was really nice, but the house wasn't. That's not exactly true. There were many things to like about it, and it could be made workable, but my biggest problem is that there is no real place to put a table. For some reason that really bugs me. The pink bathroom I can handle, the orange countertops in the kitchen I can mostly handle. The lack of location for a table I can't. Oh well, there are many other prospects. I just need to make sure I find something that I really like, since I will be living there a while. I don't really mind having to fix up a place a little bit (landscaping, painting, etc), but I don't want to rebuild the whole place :)

I think I may go down to NJ to visit Eric on Friday for a few hours. Just to see how he's doing, and to drop off his mail.

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