What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Busy weekend, but fun.

I didn't use the computer much this weekend, so I'm updating now...

Friday I went over to Bret's for Lasagna and other tasty food, and then we watched Tomb Raider, because it was the only thing on TV. In all the food was very good. All Bret needs now is to invest in a bigger (bigger than 19") TV.

Saturday I woke up early (7:30am after going to bed at 1am) to Spencer's whining. I got up to take him out and looked at the flower beds and noticed grass/weeds growing in there. I spent the next 90 minutes weeding and pruning things. I forgot to feed Spencer while I was doing that though... oops. I spent the next couple hours cleaning and making the place look nice (as exciting as that is). Spent the rest of Saturday getting some shopping done, doing more landscaping, and framing some of my photographs. I thought about taking pictures of the pictures, then realized that was stupid. I concluded Saturday by going out to dinner. Yummy quesedillias.

I woke up Sunday not as early took some pictures then went and bought some shorts and Teva's, so now I am official for summer. The remainder of the day was spent taking down a tree at Glen's. It was far more work than I had hoped, on one hand, and easier on the other. I didn't get to use the chainsaw, but I didn't really want to, as I'd probably hurt myself.

It's cold out now. I'm annoyed.

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