What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

... and now for some good news (well mostly).

Halo 2 is coming out Nov 9, 2004. It's 6 months away, but at least it's a date! Woo hoo!

The weather is absolutely perfect today. 1 more hour here in the office.

I don't think it rained today, which means we'll probably do BWW again. Service wasn't too bad last week, but I'm sure that can change :)

My headphone dilemma is still that, a dilemma. I've got lots of good suggestions, but I really do need 2 sets of good ones, one portable, and one for work.

Finally, Orkin seriously irritated me yesterday when they showed up when I wasn't home, without calling first. This, after not showing up for 2 other appointments they did call ahead for. I got a bill stuck to my door indicating a $92 bill (the usual), and a message on the machine from the exterminator who said he did the outside, and sprayed for some ants out back, and that if we wanted the inside done, to call him back. Of course I wanted the inside done. I don't often care if there are insects OUTSIDE, that's where they are supposed to live. If I wanted to get rid of outside insects (wasps, large ant colonies, etc), I buy a can of RAID, and that doesn't cost me $92. They really need to hire better help.

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