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Spencer vs. Samatha, round 8 (or so)

The players:
1) The exterminator
2) Spencer
3) Samantha
4) Jeremy

The story:
While the exterminator was by yesterday, all the gates were moved so he could easily get around. After he left, Spencer was given his food while I checked my email (forgetting that the gates were down). After eating his dinner, Spencer went exploring, looking for the cat. He found her upstairs, where she growled, he barked once or twice; she chased him, he chased her. It looked like loads of fun :). I left the two of them alone for a while when I went to get changed. Spencer followed me into my room and sat down. Meanwhile, Samantha snuck into my room, came full circle around the bed and snuck up behind Spencer. As he started to walk away, she sprang into action! She ran toward him, jumped up, and dug all four claws into his side. She hang there for a good 5 seconds before Spencer's shaking finally got her off. I was too busy laughing hysterically to help him out, but you can't help but feel a little sorry for him; when a 7lb cat gets the best of him.

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