What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Spencer, spencer, and random other stuff

Spencer was sick at 5am this morning. It seem he tried to swollow one of his treats whole. That didn't work too well. Of course, Travis didn't notice/didn't care, so I was scrambling around trying to get the kitchen floor cleaned up. He seems better now though.

I spent a good portion of yesterday trying to teach Spencer to fetch the newspaper. Unfortunately, the only paper I get is the New York Times Sunday edition, which is not a small paper, so it could be work for him. Fortunately, it comes in a plastic bag, which should make it easier for him.

The lawn got mowed again yesterday. This after the mower blade got sharpened (apparently I hit a lot of stones). Anyway, the cut was nice and even (I love nice lawns). I did spend the next 2 hours raking it though, to get up thatch and make the lawn look even prettier. In all fairless though, I probably should have done that first.

Neek week at this time, I'll be in Denver. Hopefully, I'll have everything prepared by then. Must get the mail held, and well, that's about it I think. All the bills are paid through then, and that was about the only thing I needed to do.

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