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So very nice out.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous out. Sunny, 72, and not a cloud in the sky. I spent a good hour sitting in the front yard playing with Spencer. I so love having a dog. I should have probably mowed the lawn at that time, but figured I'd be in the backyard when the HVAC guy came, and I'd miss him.

As it turns out, he was late, but all is not lost. He was there to do a 3-month checkup on the furnace, and Travis asked them to check up on the A/C, which Travis thought wasn't working well enough. I explained to the guy that I thought it was working, and that Travis didn't think it was working because it was 81 in our place, and I turned it on (at 4:30 or 5:00), and it took until after 9pm to cool to 72. The guy said in ~100% humidity that is about right (2-3 degrees an hour). He did a temperature check on the A/C, and it was outputting air that was 52, which is more than sufficient, so it's working as it should. It's definitely working better than it did last year, I don't think even Travis could argue that.

After he left, I went and played tennis with Scott. I did ok. I had him tied at 5 games to 5 before I completely lost any semblance of the game that I had. Oh well.

I came home, and the lawn was mowed. Oh how I love freshly cut grass at this time of year. It so feels like a super-carpet.

I woke up full of energy and wide awake this morning. The cat didn't run away from me when I went to get her for her medicine, and I got to play with Spencer for 5 or 10 minutes this morning, and I was still early for picking up Marty. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was going to be a good day. I just need to find something to do.

Yes, my mood is set to happy, I'm as surprised as anyone.

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