What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Sunday Pictures

Here are some highlights from Sunday... I haven't copied over Friday and Saturday's pictures yet...

This is the car of Takuma Sato, about 10 laps into the race. Notice the red hot breaks on this particular shot (click for the bigger version) Unfortunately, his engine blew up (yet again) with 21 laps left in the race.

Juan Pablo Montoya locks up his front left tire while challenging Michael Shumacher for 3rd place early in the race.

This is the car of Christian Klien, during the finals minutes of the race, he came around this corner and hit the car of Timo Glock (not pictured). Klein then spun his car the correct direction on the track, causing the massive amount of smoke from the drive (rear) wheels.

The winner of the race, Michael Shumacher, waving to the crowd after his win.

A car from the Ferrari challenge. An event where several rich people race their Ferrari 360 Modena's around the track.

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