What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Yes, I am drilling holes in my walls

I am drilling holes in my basement wall as per this article. I don't know if will help the smell in my house, but it can't hurt either. Anyway, I got a hammer drill last night, and after a few holes, I noticed it wasn't working too well, and the bit was getting VERY hot. Turns out the drill was in reverse. Umm, go me.

Anyway, after some careful investigation, the smell seems to get coming from the HVAC system. It's possible that the drip pan for the A/C is clogged, or something, but I didn't see any obvious signs of that. I can't think of anything else though, since the smells seems to be near (though not really from) the vents). Also, when the furnace fan isn't running, I don't smell anything at all. When the windows are open, and the fan is on (but not the A/C), I can notice the smell slightly. I also noticed the smell strongly in the basement last night, but I turned off the fan, when back down an hour later, and nothing... I'm so confused.

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