What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Frisbee Update

First, I think I need a Frisbee icon.... ok, got it. Now, for a Frisbee update.

Travis and I arrived to the field 15 minutes late, hoping to avoid the drills. No such luck. We participated in the drills and then started the game. Amazingly, we got our shirts before the end of the season. We're team black.

The first point of the game took 10 or 15 minutes, which was way longer than it should have, and we didn't even score it. From there, our team played poorly, and the gray team went up 7-2. We managed to go on a 4-1 run though and took the score to 8-6 at half time. We began playing much better at this point and the teams scored pretty well evenly until we took our first lead of the game, 12-11. Finally, we had a chance to win this. Unfortunately, we didn't. We only scored 1 more point, and the gray team went on to win 15-13. It was a good, close game though.

At one point, I missed the disc, because I was looking at the sideline (to make sure I didn't step out of bounds) instead of catching the disc. It hit my squarely in the mouth, and I bled. Today, I have a fat lip.

I made several really nice throws last night though. Nice long, straight forehands that hit their targets perfectly. Well, actually, one, the guy needed to lay-out to catch it, but catch it he did. It was pretty.

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