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It's raining, it's snowing, Jeremy would like to be snoring

The weather here is awful right now. It can't decide if it wants to rain or snow, so it is just coming down as slush. I am really tired for some reason too, and I have discrete 2 yet this evening.

Apparently Time Warner doesn't think they received my payment for the cable bill for last month, so I will need to give them a call about that. The money was definitely taken out of my account, so this could get interesting.

Eric is going to Marlboro, MA for an interview this evening, so it should be plenty quiet :) It is with a company called Raytheon, or something like that. It should be interesting, between our weather and theirs, he may not be able to get there.

Oh, and it appears that my class ring should be shipping soon. I called this morning, and they said that it was in the shipping department, and would be going out today or tomorrow. I should have it next week sometime, if everything goes well.

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