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The Epic Battle

Well, I had a good fight with the fax machines in the office this morning. The first one decided it didn't want to connect to anyone, and I couldn't figure out how to change the settings. Round 1: Fax Machine. I went upstairs and tried another fax machine. Of course, by this time, the number I was calling was busy, so I hit cancel, and the fax machine printed out 6 pages of an incoming fax that was 2 months old. Round 2: Fax Machine. I finally tried again, and the phone rang, it answered after about 6 rings, and my fax was sent. Round 3: Jeremy. Winner: Me!

All in all, it took me nearly 30 minutes to fax a 1 page document, so maybe the fax machine did win...

The weather here today is picture perfect, high 70s, sunny, with a slight breeze. I always enjoy days like this, I just wish I wasn't stuck in a windowless office right now.

I had a meatball sub from Romeo's today for lunch, and Travis got me a ton of boxes, so it is turning out to be a relatively good day. I can only think that it will stay this way.

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