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A fun? evening

I went over to a friend of a friend's place last night to play some cards, and eat some food. I spent more time playing with his dog than playing cards, I think. (The dog is a Black Lab/Irish Setter mix. Has the build of a lab, the hair of a setter.) Anyway, we left there about 10pm, just in time for the thunderstorms to start. Driving home in the driving rain was a trip, since in NY the paint on the roads isn't reflective, at least not as reflective as it is in PA. I finally made it home to find out that I left my windows open. I closed them and then dried everything off (including my bed) and then slept. Things got slightly worse this morning when I realized I had left my cell phone in my car, but when I went out there, it wasn't in the car, it was outside the car, on the ground, in a puddle. Well the good news is the phone was still on, and functioning. The bad news is that the LCD screen is a little bit water logged. I am hoping that it will dry out in the next couple days, but if not, I guess I will need a new phone :(

Finally, to top the day off, my stomach is acting funny again. It is better than when I woke up, but still acting strange.

Finally, here's to Wednesday, the middle of the week, yay!

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