What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

1. Choose one person on your friends list to switch locations with for one month. Who is the friend, where do they live and why did you chose that location?
knightsdawn would be good, except that he wouldn't be there :( He lives in London, and I want to go there :)

2. Provide two bits of trivia about your town.
a) French's Mustard (the world's most popular mustard) was invented and originally produced here. We are home of the garbage plate.

3. I come to your town for a visit -- what three places do you take me to during my visit?
Nick Tahoe's (for a garbage plate). wine tour in the finger lakes, George Eastman House (photographic museum).

4. You are handed a camera, what are four places you take pictures of in your town?
The town off the Ford St Bridge, the lilacs at highland park in May, the lighthouse at the beach, and anything at our numerous parks.

5. Revisit question #1 - what are five places you visit while you're in your switched location?
Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Picadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey

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