What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

It's Friday... that means a Frisbee update

I wasn't really looking forward to going to Frisbee last night. It was cold, and wet, and I was tired. I went anyway. The teams we playing had a 4-1 record, as we did, and has the best woman's player in the league on it, and one of the better men. "Great," I thought to myself. We, of course have 4 people missing from out team, including our 2 captains, so we expected a little bit of trouble.

The game started about 6:45, and it was windy, but no rain. Our field was relatively dry, but there were a few puddles. The maroon team (our opponents) went up to a quick 0-5 lead. I figured it'd be a quick game, and we would be at home sulking withing the hour. Somehow we managed to get a few points, and got the score to 7-8 at halftime. Not too shabby, but we had a lot of work to do if we were planning on winning this.

The 2nd half started, and we went on a small run, and got the score to 10-9. We were actually leading. This of course, didn't last long, and they went up 12-10. 2 points from winning. About this time, I intercepted a pass on our goal line, and made a quick toss to a team-mate for a score. Go me! A few minutes later, a player on their team called a foul on me, despite the fact that a) I was doing for the disc, b) I was standing still, c) he ran into me. I was livid when he called the foul, and yelled, "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!" I contested the foul, and it went back to their team, and they scored shortly thereafter. I went out for the next point, very, very annoyed.

I went back in after we scored again, bring the score to 13-12. We proceeded to score once, and they scored once, taking the score to 13-14. If they scored again, they'd win. If we scored, they would need to score again, because it's first team to 15, win by 2, or first team to 17 (no win by 2). So... we scored!! The score was 14-14. We scored 2 more, and they scored again, taking the score to 16-15. Tight game. We were ahead, and needed one more point to win. A toss was made to my team-mate, and the guy who called a foul on me pushed him as he was diving for the disc. A foul was called. He complained, I thought it was sweet justice. We ended up scoring and winning the game, 17-15, over 2 hours after we started!

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