What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Frisbee Update

Last night, we went into the game with a record of 6-1. We were playing the team that we had our only loss to, who also had a record of 6-1. Because they had previously beat us, they were in first place, and we were in 2nd. If we won this challenge, we'd be in first place.

We arrived at the field expecting it to be wet, but not as wet as it was. There were large puddles over the field, and mud everywhere. We certainly didn't care. The field was also shortened (from 80-60 yards) last night, in order to get as much dry field as possible. This is only relevant because we had 14 people show up last night, which meant we had lots of subs. The other team had 10 people, meaning they didn't have as many subs, and a longer field probably would have been good for us. Only time would tell though.

The first points were disastrous for our team. We went down 0-2 within 5 minutes. We learned a lot about their team. They moved the disc extremely well, and they are fast. Even their slow people run hard. I personally wasn't running too well for the first couple points. A combination of the humidity, my tired legs, and my disagreeable lunch were not making an energetic Jeremy making.

After I came off the field, we scored 2 points and brought the score to 2-2. I started to get my legs under me at this point, and went back. The score went back and forth for a while, until 6-6. They then scored 2 quick points, and went into half time ahead 8-6. It wasn't looking good.

At half time, we talked about what we doing right, and what we were doing wrong. We weren't running hard enough, they were. We weren't catching, they were. We needed to do something. While discussing this with my team, I noticed my captain standing at the end of the field, writing some stuff down. He came back to the group a minute later and told us a new plan. For the 2nd half, we were going to have 2 distinct lines. 7 people on each. He matched speed, disc handling ability, and compatibility. At this point, I could tell he really wanted to win. So did I.

I was on line 1, and we went out first. They scored. They were ahead 6-9. We regrouped and scored again. We got the score to 7-9 and switched lines. We got some fresh legs on the field. Our 2nd line scored one point, and gave up another. At 7-10, we came on again, and scored 2 quick points. 9-10. Woo hoo. Line 2 went out and scored another point, 10-10! We went out and scored one, and they scored one. 11-11. This was going to be right. Line 2 came back out, and the next point lasted about 10 minutes, with us scoring! Up 12-11. Our first lead of the game. My line came back out, and we scored 2 points in about 5 minutes. I had a couple really nice throws. At this point, I was running really hard, and was playing very well. At 14-11, my line decided to stay out. We tossed the disc downfield, and they turned it over about 1/2 way down the field. We picked it up, and 4 throws later, we scored. We won! First place.

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