What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Here we are again with a weekly Frisbee Update

The lightly fluffy clouds, and the beaming sunshine accented the perfect Frisbee weather last night, 70F and not a breeze in sight. We went into the game with a record of 7-1, and we were playing a team with a record of 3-5. Not expecting this to be a difficult game, we went in with the idea to practice in positions we didn't normally play. This would turn out to be our achilles heal.

The game started off well enough. We went up an early lead of 3-1 with people playing their unusual positions. In one particular instance, I motioned for one of my teammates to chuck it deep. I was playing long, so it was my job to catch it. Unfortunately, he threw it a touch too far. I sprinted with all my might and as the disc is descending I thought about diving for it. I didn't though, and just reached out and caught it. It was a beautiful catch. It inspired our team. Unfortunately, the person I threw it to for the score missed it.

Several points later, with the score 5-5, I again sprinted down the field for a beautiful catch. As I was catching it, I looked to the sideline to see where the goal was. I caught it and saw a cone. I immediately put my foot down, so as to not go out the back of the end zone. As it turns out, that was the front of the end zone, and I didn't even get my foot down in time, so I was, in fact, in the end zone. Go me.

Half time came about 8pm, much later than usual. We were leading 8-6, and were pretty comfortable with our lead. The 2nd half started with both teams scoring a few points and we eventually got to a score of 11-9.

Wanting to close out the game as quickly as possible, I chucked the disc to the back corner of the end zone. At first I thought it was going out, because the defender stopped. Well, as it turns out, it was a perfect throw from 30 yards out. My teammate was the only one who could catch it there, if he didn't, it wasn't going to be caught, or knocked down. I went off the field at this point, looked at my caption, who frowns upon the deep throws and said, "I'm sorry, I know you don't like when I do that." He looked at me, smiles and said, "No, that's quite all right." I laughed.

The next few points didn't go our way, as the darkness crept in. We were going to call the game at 14, with us leading 12-9. Not a big deal. Well, they scored 3 quick points to our 0. With the scored being 12-12 we were going to call the game on the next point. We were on offense and almost immediately turned the disc over. 3 throws later, they turned it over. We got the disc back, marched down the field in the darkness and managed to score. We won, 13-12, in a very ugly (on our part) game. I won't tell you about all the bad plays I made.

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