What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
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Today it really is Wednesday

Last evening I went with Travis and Scott to help Tony look for a new motorcycle. That was fun, and we got to drive all over the place, which was fun too. After I got home, I watched a PBS/National Geographic program on Air Force 1, which was really interesting. I managed not to get to bed too early last night, for some reason, which I am not too sure about right now, so I am a bit tired right now. I plan on going to the driving range with Scott, and possibly Travis tonight, so I won't get to bed much earlier tonight. Friday I need to get up early to go get a waterbed pump, and Saturday I need to get the truck to move... Sunday I may be able to sleep in.

I need to start packing some big stuff today, like the coffee table, the desk, take the table apart, and all that fun stuff. Sigh.

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