What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Guess what? Frisbee!

I had my company picnic yesterday afternoon where I ate too much, and drank too little water. As a result, I wasn't moving too well for the first half of the game, and my stomach wasn't agreeing with me either. The game started as most games do... late. We started out fairly strong, matching the red team point for point for the first 4 points. At this point, they scored 2 points for every 1 to get to half time with a lead of 8-6. The red team, which was solidly in 4th place, with a 6-3 record was proving to be tough. They were fast and played defense very well. Our attack of throwing the disc 40-50 yards wasn't working very well. In addition, we had 13 people for the game, almost enough for 2 complete lines. Luckily, a 14th person showed up about 30 minutes into the game, and we created 2 lines which we could switch in and out as needed.

Personally, I wasn't running very well in the first half, had no energy, and wasn't really paying attention. Sadly, that wasn't working for our team.

The 2nd half started and we received the disc and scored quickly, and the red team proceeded to return the favor. This game went on for a few more point, until we finally scored 2 points to their none to tie the score at 11. At this point, we set a 'hard cap of 15, no win by 2', so whichever team got to 15 first was the winner. We went out after this point strong and took the lead, 12-11. At this point, we started running harder, cutting better, and making better, more simple throws. It was clear in our new-found energy levels that we could win this. Unfortunately, the red team also picked their game up.

The next couple of points were long and difficult. The red team would tie it, and we'd go up again. With the score 13-12, I made a perfect pass to a team-mate, and took off down the field. My team-mate, Jim, tossed it back to me, as I was leading my defender by 5 steps. I caught it, but noticed another defender out of the corner of my eye coming from my right. I planted my left foot hard in the ground to avoid him, and compressed my shin. Limping slightly, I threw the disc to a team-mate in the end zone and walked off the field.

The final point was a long (5+ minutes) one that went back and forth for several plays before we finally made a nice throw in the end zone. I would have liked to be on the field for that, but was happy that our team won.

We end the regular season in 1st place with a record of 8-1. We start playoffs next week, and play the 8th place team (record of 1-8). Hopefully, it'll be an easy game.

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