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What a weekend.

On Friday, I telecommuted so I could do some last minute packing and go wait for the cable guy. I awoke at about 8:30 and got some work done. I then decided that it was time to empty my waterbed. I went to U-Haul and got a waterbed pump and drained my bed and took it apart. I then took my desk apart and packed the remainder of its contents. The top of my desk is really heavy, and I am not a patient guy, so I took it off myself. I took the waterbed pump back and came back again. I was getting hungry by this time, but dared to not eat, because Eric and I were planning on going to Dinosaur BBQ for dinner, and I knew that would fill me up. So, I took down my desktop machine (Yogi) and packed it up. By this time it was time to make a trip up to Tony's to wait for the cable guy. I got there a bit early and I just waited in the kitchen for 30 minutes until Tony got there. Tony got home around 4:30 and we played some billiards, and I did pretty well. The cable guy showed up earlier than I expect (at about 5:30), and he was one of the nicest people I have ever met. We explained that we knew what we were doing with the cable modem, and he said, good, since I don't have to explain it to you, I can lay another cable from the poll. So he did, which was nice. Right before he left, Eric showed up, a bit late, but I was glad that he made it. Tony declined to join us for our trip to Dinosaur, so Eric and I ventured out alone. I didn't know that there was a parade downtown though, so traffic was pretty miserable, and the I couldn't get to the West Group parking lot, so we had to walk a bit. The wait for a table was short though, so I can't complain. After dinner Eric and I went back to the apartment and he helped me pack the stereo equipment and we went to bed. I slept on the couch, since I didn't have a bed anymore.

Saturday morning I planned on getting up at 7:00 to get the moving truck, and I had set the alarm for said time, but forgot to turn the alarm on. Fortunately for me, I woke up at 7:02 without the alarm. Eric and I went to pick up the U-Haul. Apparently there was a screwup and they had to give me a 17' truck for the price of a 14'. I was thankful for this when we loaded the truck though, because the 17' was pretty darn full. We had the truck packed in 2 hours, which I was really happy with, and we were fully unloaded at the new place by 12:00 noon. I was pleased. Everyone took off to take a shower and Eric, Tony and I took the truck back to U-Haul and we met the group for lunch at Dibella's subs. Afterwards we went down to a motorcycle shop so Tony could pick up his new motorcycle. It is a very nice bike. Eric and I went back to the house and unpacked some stuff. When Tony got back, he took Eric for a ride on the new bike, and he had the biggest smile on his face when he got back. Later in the afternoon, Jennie and Travis came over and Jennie went for a ride. You could here her screaming to 'let me off' as they road away over the hill. I laughed. After a few minutes though, she decided that she loved it, and she wants a motorcycle now too. Strange, but funny. The evening concluded with some playing of pool, watching The Muppet Movie, and going to Nick Tahoe's for dinner.

Sunday morning I woke up and didn't do much. Eventually Tony and I decided that it was time to installing a network jack upstairs. That was a real chore, and it isn't quite finished. I, for some reason, got depressed in the afternoon, and was glad when Travis called and said he was coming over. I guess I just don't feel like I am 'at home' when I am at Tony's place, which is ok, since I will only be there for a couple months. After Travis showed up, we washed our cars and went to dinner. We had Chinese, and it was actually good, which I was happy about, since I haven't been able to find good Chinese food in this town yet.

I am still a little bit depressed, because I don't really feel at home, and I am a lot further away from Travis now, which I don't really like, because he is always someone to do something with, even if it is nothing, it is still something. Hopefully I will start doing things with Tony sometime, like playing tennis, or golfing or something, which should help.

I hope to have the wiring down today, so that I can check my email again, although I need to clean my old place, and look at houses sometime too, so it should be a busy week, which is good for me.

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