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Getting hotter

It was 80 here at 7:00. That is, both outside and in my office. I guess the air doesn't get turned on until after I get here. Oh well, it is getting cooler inside now, although it is supposed to get up to the mid-high 90s this afternoon. At least I now live in a place with central air, although I must say, it doesn't get the bedroom very cool, but it is better than outside, so I can't complain.

I went to GrayBar to pickup a punchdown block for Tony after work yesterday. I had to wait forever to have someone help me, and once I did, they didn't have exactly what I wanted, so I guessed. The punchdown blocks where $25 each, which was a whole kit, but it still seemed a tad expensive. After I left GrayBar, I went to my old apartment and cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, and vacuumed, while Travis and Scott removed the blinds. I just need to pick up a few things from there this afternoon, and I should be all moved out!

Travis and I each got several phone calls from the realtor yesterday about a 'perfect place' they found. It looks nice, although it is a bit close to a fairly well traveled road, so we need to take that into consideration. We are going to look at the inside of it today, which should be fun.

I finally have Internet access at home again, so I was able to pay my bills, and check my email. That was all far less exciting than I expected, mostly because the backspace key on my keyboard is broken, which makes typing rather difficult, but getting the punchdown block wired was cool. I missed dinner because I was busy doing that stuff, but worse things have happened to me.

The trip in this morning was great. I was able to make it from door to office in 20 minute, and 5 minutes of that was walking from the parking garage to my office. I am beginning to appreciate the highway called 490, and how it can easily get me to work. There were a lot (10 or so) State Troopers on 490 this morning though, which was sort of disturbing, but they were all going the other direction!

I think the reason I was depressed yesterday is because it was a very exciting weekend, and it ended up being anti-climactic. Kind of like when you go to visit your family in Europe or something, and then you leave, it is kind of a sad thing, because you enjoy spending time with them, and all the sudden it is over. That is pretty much how I felt yesterday. I think things are better now.

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