What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

It's not funny anymore

Well, the rain finally stopped yesterday.  Not that it was any consolation, considering my sump pump was running every 4 minutes for at least 6 hours yesterday.  I was just a) waiting for the thing to explode, b) just give up.  Neither seemed to happen, and it seems to have slowed down quite a bit.  It was keeping me awake last night though, I was just laying in bed, waiting for 4 minutes to make sure it ran, then repeat.  I finally got some sleep when I remembered I had a 120dB alarm on the sump pump.  I don't know if the battery is good, but I'll pretend that it is :)

Spencer went to the dog sitter's last night.  Scott called me this morning to tell me that he couldn't find Spencer's food.  I indicated that it was on his dining room table about 5 times before Scott remembered where his dining room table was (yes, it's in the dining room).  Anyway, it'll be interesting how Spencer does with 3 days of Pippin.

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