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Happy Hump Day

Let's see how long I can make this entry :)

I had a fairly nice day yesterday. Went to lunch with Travis, Scott, Tony, and some other guy, Ken, at Perkins. The food was ok, but not too filling. I was there way too long though, and I got back and did a build, it was a bit late, but at least it got done. The rest of the day I spent working on Enflex, trying to figure out how do get the authentication stuff working. It didn't work especially well, but I think it is because of a configuration problem with my computer rather than Apache. It is kind of fun trying to figure this stuff out though, although sometimes I wish it were easier, or at least didn't take so much time.

After I left work yesterday, I went down to Travis' to wait for him so that we could carpool to look at a house. Scott said he was going to come, but he fell asleep before telling us that he needed to stop at home first, so when he finally did wake up and tell us this, it was 10 after 5, and we needed to be someplace at 5:30. We would have been ok if we had gone there directly, but our detour made us late. We finally made and the house was nice, with a few exceptions. It didn't have a useable basement, which I sort of want (it doesn't have to be finished, just useable, not wet, etc). It was also a lot closer to the main road than I like. Traffic noise is not something I want to deal with. If the house had been on the other side of the 3/4 acre lot, we could've talked. Oh well, there are other places.

After looking at the house, and stopping by Home Depot, I finished cleaning the old apartment, and patched a hole in the wall. I hung out with Travis a bit and then went home. I spent a good portion of the evening having philosophical discussions with Tony, which was an interesting experience. I am not quite quick witted enough to debate with him, but it was fun trying.

When I finally made it to bed last nigh, it was it the 80s and extremely muggy, but when I woke up this morning, it was sunny, dry and 70. Yay for nice weather. It isn't supposed to break 80 day, which is the way I like it. I think I am supposed to play tennis with Tony this evening, which will be an experience, and I am sure to make a fool of myself, but it should be fun.

Finally, I tried to pull out in 3rd gear this morning, which doesn't work too well. I, of course, stalled, and probably turned bright red. I guess I wasn't as awake as I thought I was.

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