What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

A phone call from a long distance carrier...

MCI: I'd like to offer you a deal on your long distance, for 5c/minute...
Me: Let me stop you, I get all long distance, US, Canada, and Mexico for free, it's included in my $25/month calling plan... and only 3c/minute to London, and other major foreign cities.
MCI: Really?
Me: Yup
MCI: Who's that with? I think I need to sign up for it when I get home.
Me: Vonage. It's a voice over IP server.
MCI: So, you only pay $25/month, and no long distance.
Me: Yup.
MCI: So, how's that work? Do you need a special phone?
Me: There's a box in the basement that plugs into the cable modem, and the phones all get plugged into that.
MCI: Nice, so you can use all your phones.
Me: Yeah, you're talking on it right now, it sounds pretty good too, huh?
MCI: Oh yeah! I am so going to do a google search for Vonage when I get home. Thanks for the information!
Me: No problem :)

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