What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

San Fran

So far, San Fran has been pretty good. I slept poorly last night, mostly because of the cough.

Apparently, there is a hotel workers strike going on here. It's annoying whenever I get and leave the hotel, but eh. Only here for one more day.

Today was very productive, and I got lots of pictures. Having a conference room on the 18th floor of an office building downtown doesn't suck. It's not the 30th floor, but it doesn't suck either. I actually saw the Pacific ocean for the very first time today, which is pretty cool.

The flight back is tomorrow (going through Pittsburgh). On the way in, my right ear clodded or something, and has been hurting ever since. I suspect flying won't help it get better, but I'll take some Tylenol.

We interupt this post to bring this: GRAND SLAM BOSTON. Up 6-0!!!!

So, off to dinner soon, I'm getting a little hungry.

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