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Right Now

right now I am writing a live journal entry
right now I am waiting for Eric's flight to leave Boston
right now I just woke up from a nap
right now I am listen to Van Halen.

ok, enough of that. I did just take about an hour nap though, and I am feeling particularly refreshed. If I could find something to do with this new-found energy, I would be happy. I don't really feel like doing my Java homework, or even worse, my Discrete homework. I will probably get around to it tomorrow.

I didn't get my class ring today. Travis did. I will probably be getting mine Monday or Tuesday. The FedEx guy was amusing though. He tried to deliver Travis' package to the wrong building. Apparently the guy in the wrong building was home too. The guy said he felt like a complete idiot. I didn't think it was that bad, as a matter of fact, I would guess it happens more. As he was walking away, I yelled to him, "Hey buddy! You got anything for 88 #7" He said, "no", but my comment probably sounded kind of strange.

Speaking of strange things. There was a guy at work throwing bricks into a dumpster the other day, and I was walking past him. He almost backed into (but didn't) and turned around and said "Sorry sir." I felt like a) I am getting old, 2) he must think I am someone important at the company. Either that or he is just polite. Either way, I feel like I am getting old.

Eric's flight is now about an hour late.... oh well.

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