What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Yay for Friday

Well, I got home last night and went to the grocery store to grab something to eat before Ultimate. I apparently ate something that didn't agree with me, cause my stomach was bothering me during the game. Anyway, I played. We were loosing 8-3 at halftime, and our best players weren't there. Well, things got even worse when the score got to 14-6 (we were still loosing). At this point, the other team only needed one more point, and it was about 8:00. I made a comment about only needing 9 points to win, and someone on my team laughs, looks at me and says, "10, it's win by 2." Well, by 9:00, the score was 13-14, we had a heck of a rally going. The game ended at 15-13 when they scored the final point, but we were very happy with the way we played (the 2nd half). I think I played well, I had 4 or 5 points, and would've had more, but the wind kept taking the disc. In all, it was a good game. There were a few injuries though. The one person of the other team got tackled, by accident. A person on our team got hit on the nose with the disc, and it looks like it may be broken (it turned black and blue instantly). And finally someone on the other team had the wind knocked out of him, but with the wheezing sound he was making, I would've thought it was far more serious. For that one, an EMT that was riding a horse heard him and came over. I suggested that the horse be on our team. All in all, it was a good game, and we got our shirts (my team is red), and they are nice shirts.

Mom is coming to town today, yay! Looking at houses tomorrow, and I think I should take her over to see a game of ultimate, as there is a tournament at RIT tomorrow. Should be a fun filled weekend.

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