What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

On a more upbeat note

When Bret first bought his house, I saw it and said, "eh". It was a good house, but not something I would have gone after, but it was Bret's choice, so more power to him

I've since spent countless (ok, about 20) hours there, working on numerous things, from ripping up floors, to ripping out walls, fixing walls, changing faucets, running cable, doing some electric, accidentally cutting a hole in his floor and offering comments and suggestions or the way things should be done. In my 20 hours there, I've come to like his place more. He still needs to paint, and refinish the floors, and finish the drywall, and bunches of other stuff, but it's coming along nicely. He's already put a small chunk of change into it, but I think it was worth it, it's going to look good when he's all done. There are some things he'll have to do in the future, but it's definitely more hospitable now (no more ugly carpets, not more cat pee smell). Through all this, it's been fun to work on too.

I did manage to hook my mom up with a way to copy CDs to tapes last night too. I'm so proud of myself, since I managed to walk her all the way through it without a computer in front of me. Actually, I think I scared myself more than I'm proud of myself. Yup, we'll go with that.

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