What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

The best laid plans of mice and men...

I was planning on leaving work a little early yesterday to go home and play some Halo 2 online. No big surprise here, it didn't happen. I was even late leaving work. Anyway, I headed home, let the dog out, and ripped open the shipping bag. In the bag sat my game. I ripped off the cellophane, and opened up the box, and realized what people were talking about. The 2 discs were stacked on top of each other. Not the ideal way to ship a disc. It didn't appear to be scratched though, so I popped in the disc and created my profile. I went online and tried to figure out the interface. Apparently I'm not the only one waiting 2-3 minutes to join a game. I played my first round and lost miserably. I continued to practice, and move up in rank until Travis got home, at which time we went to dinner (which was loads of fun). I came back, cursed my router, and after 15 minutes, finally got back online. I played a few more games before heading off to bed, and finally took 1st place in one. I won with a score of 19, while 2nd place had a score of 10. Basically, I dominated, which is highly unusual, but I was happy.

So, my random take on Halo 2? Being able to play online is fantastic. The interface is a little odd though, in that you never really know what kind of game you'll be playing. In a way, it's kind of fun, but if you aren't familiar with a game type, you're pretty well out of luck. There also doesn't seem to be as much variety as I had hoped. There are a good 15 multiplayer maps, and I ended up playing only 3 of them, despite the fact that I played 10 games. The math doesn't work. It was fun though, and everyone I played against seemed to be a good sport, so we'll play again, if ever I get free time.

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