What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Random Questions for a Wednesday

10 years ago I:
Was young an immature
Was working at Pizza Hut
Lived in Pennsylvania

5 years ago I:
Had just switched my major to computer science
Finished working a year in my first professional job'
Lived in New York (State)

1 year ago I:
Visited New York (City) for the first time
Went to my first Formula One race
Visited Colorado for the first time

So far this year I:
Went to San Francisco
Had a new family member (Abby the cat) move in
Bought new windows and siding

Yesterday I:
Played Halo2 online
Learned more about Cisco switches than I care to know
Played with Spencer and Abby

Today I:
Went to meetings
Wanted to sleep in
Had to eat lunch alone

In 1 year I hope I am:
In the corner office, reserved for a Lead Software Engineer
Out of debt
Still as happy about things as I am today

In 5 years I hope:
That the corner office still has me sitting in it (or a better office)
My friends are as good of friends as they are today
That my 30s don't seem so bad :)

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