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Well, yesterday morning, I went to the car insurance place, and got my rates lowered by about $450/year, which is always really nice. After I finished there, I went to the mortgage place, and filled out lots of paperwork. Nancy, at the mortgage place, said all the numbers looked good and that things seemed to be in order and working well. That's good. She also gave an estimate for the closing costs, which were less than I expected, so I am happy about that. I only need to have about $2200 at closing, which is far more doable than the $5000 I was expecting to need. Now, I am trying to get the engineers inspection and appraisal stuff done. It's all lots of fun.

Tuesday I went to a baseball game, and got sunburned. I am recovering nicely now though, and am not too terribly red right now.

I am currently trying to find out when MS fixed a particular bug in IE, regarding the 'print all linked documents', and it isn't going too well :(

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