What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

I promise this post isn't negative

First off, the coffee is very tasty this morning.

We found someone to fix the roof.  I came home early yesterday to meet with him.  He showed up and climbed up on the roof in 40mph winds, checked out the problem, inspected the rest of the roof, and made a couple notes of other problems - which I knew existed, but never fixed.  He took a shingle to match it, and will be fixing the roof on the next nice day.  Thankfully, it's not supposed to rain for the next couple days.  He'll also be installing ice and snow barriers to prevent this from happening again.  The 25 years warranty is a nice bonus too.  Remarkably, he said the rest of the roof was in pretty good condition.

Ok, time for a little negativity.  I was reassembling the bathroom yesterday after installing the new floor.  Well, the tile is a 1/2 inch higher than the old floor, so the toilet bowl flange is now recessed compared to the rest of the floor.  Does anyone make and extra deep wax ring?  Nope.  I ended up getting this funny looking contraption which is supposed to work on recessed flanges, and is wax free, but, of course, after installing the toilet, it leaked.  (Don't worry, I was only pouring water down it)  I then decided to leave the new contraption in AND use the wax ring, and that seems to work

While reassembling the bathroom, I realized how absolutely cool an air nailer is.  The trim went back up so easy.  I still need to trim the trim (I know, it's awkward) around the door, and put a threshold in the doorway.  Unfortunately, the nice wood threshold I bought won't fit without trimming the door.  I don't want to do that, so a nice new metal one it'll be.  In all, I think the bathroom looks amazing.  I'll take pictures hopefully tonight, when everything is back together.  I still need to a new window treatment, and new shower curtain, but...

I went out to Linen's and Things last night.  I bought lots of new towels and stuff.  The clerk checked my ID - I think because she was confused why there was a guy buying an entire bathroom ensemble at 9pm on a Wednesday, especially since I was still wearing my housework cloths, which have plaster, thin set, mortar, and probably some paint all over them.

After arriving home, I washed the towels, and went to take a shower after working all evening and found NO hot water.  GRRR.  Seems the 40mph winds blew the pilot light out.  Of course, the washing machine used all the hot water that remained (it probably blew out in the morning).  Anyway, it take a long time to heat 60gal of cold water, so I took a cold shower.  Thankfully, my new towel was uber-soft, so I enjoyed that.

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