What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

It's been a while

Well, this will probably be a long update...

Friday went well. I went to lunch with Chris, and then traded cars with Travis, so he could take my air conditioned car to Pittsburgh. I am such a nice brother. So, I drove his car back to work in the sweltering heat, yay, and got a lot of work done Friday afternoon, which is kind of unusual. After I got home from work, I loafed around a bit, tried to get the new video card drivers installed, and that sort of thing. Tony and I had steak and potatoes and bread for dinner, along with some Italian bread. We watched a movie while we ate. It was a good steak, I haven't had steak in so very long.

Saturday morning I woke up, had a home made egg mcmuffin. It was yummy. After breakfast, Tony needed to take his motorcycle down to the place he bought it for a 500 mile checkup. I drove his Mustang down (very cool). We got there and then drove down to Canadaigua lake, and just drove around for a bit (it was really crowded because of a festival). We took the scenic route back and stopped by to feed Travis' rabbit and I had Tony drive by the house I am buying, and they were having a garage sale, so we stopped. They didn't have anything good :|. After we got back, we went to the driving range for a bit, I made a fool out of myself. Afterwards, Tony went golfing and I took a nap and listened to some music. In the evening, Bret stopped by to take the motorcycle for a ride, and we played some pool. He beat me, overall. When Tony got back, we went to get some Chinese. Came back and watched some TV, tossed the Frisbee, and went to bed.

Sunday morning I awoke and I went and played tennis with Tony. We were just practicing, but my backhand is improving, though I got a blister on my thumb :(. I will hopefully be playing with him again later this week. I had Tony work on his forehand throw in Frisbee some more, and I think he just about has it. We took a trip to Best Buy in the afternoon and picked up a few movies. We watched Mars Attacks when we got back, silly movie. Shortly thereafter, Travis stopped by and I took him to dinner, as he was not happy. I came back and washed my car, it looks much better now. When Travis left, Tony and I watched The Maltese Falcon. Good movie, interesting peek into society 60 years ago. I stayed up too late, and didn't sleep too well last night.

I woke up at 6:30 again, this morning, which is 3 days in a row. This had better not become a habit, else I will actually be coming to work even earlier... sigh.

Time to get more work done.

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