What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Power, power, where are you

At precisely 2:33 this morning, my cell phone rang. I, being warm and cozy in my bed, looked at my phone, then looked at my clock, to decide if it was late enough to answer it. When I turned to look at my clock, it stared back at me, blankly. We had lost power. Not really a huge deal, except my sump pump had been running about every 20-30 minutes early in the evening. I hunted around my basement in the dark for the water suction device, to no avail. I called Bret, who didn't answer his phone, to see if he had it. I then proceeded to drive over there (he had power), and rummaged through his basement, stealing my extension cords back. While there, he lost power, so I left (that, and it was 3:30am). I got back, fiddled with the water suction thing I borrowed from Bret, and went back to bed. Power came back on at 7:29 this morning. Somehow, the people across the street from me, and the people 2 houses down never lost power. Well, they might have, but not for very long. I woke up 90 minutes late, and was planning on staying home, but decided not to for some reason. I felt bad for waking Bret up, but he DID have my extension cords.

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