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For some reason my back is hurting today. Well, it actually hurt yesterday too, but it is hurting more today. It is only in one specific spot though, right below my left shoulder blade.

I worked late last night, trying to get this website converted to its new location. Things are going pretty smooth right now, I just have a couple things to tweak, and lots of testing to do, which is the boring part. The IT people have been very helpful though, which is cool.

I didn't do much last night after I got home, as it was too hot. It is going to be hot again today, which is not something I am looking forward to, as I have a frisbee game tonight. I am sort of hoping they cancel it, as the temps are supposed to be close to 100 with a heat index near 110 today.

I have 2 too many meetings today, and I have to make a user administration program work, of which I need people to email me back, to answer my questions. It will be boring until then.

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