What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

An evening in court... in po-dunk-nowhere

Travis, having mono, strep, and probably the flu, needed someone to drive him to traffic court for a ticket he got back in November.  He would have requested an adjournment, but they require 72 hours notice, and well, he wasn't sick 72 hours before hand.

The trip there was eventful.  The town where the court was, was in the middle of no-where, NY, about 40 minutes south of Rochester.  The GPS was set to take me the fastest way.  Sadly, it doesn't know about snow, so I turned onto 'Beacon Hill Rd', which, was a hill.  It wasn't plowed, and I got 1/2 way up, then started sliding backwards down this hill.  That wasn't fun.  I made it back down without hitting anything, and found an alternate route. 

We got to 'court', and I quote it, because it was a banquet room attached to the town fire hall.  There was an office there with a printed sign that said, "Assistant District Attorney", and I sign above a window that said, "Town Court."  It was scary.  We waited there for a long time before Travis got called.  He pleaded to 'failure to obey a traffic device', paid his fine, and we took off.  The trip back was less eventful, though more snowy.  If I ever have to go back to that town, it'll be too soon.

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