What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

This is my journal, I update it sometimes

The sun was shinning on the way home. I liked that. Being able to park in the garage again is also a good thing.

I have decided that friends shouldn't be allowed to move away. I have far too many people that I like that are too far away to see regularly. Granted, I talk to them frequently, but it's not the same if you don't actually see them. They'll probably all get married and move away some day too. I'll be bored a lot then. Either that, or I'll have to find something productive to do all the time, like work. I don't really like that work thing enough to do that though.

Speaking of friends, a mythical person sent me a package yesterday. I was worried when I read the box that said, "dangerous." Actually, it didn't say that. If it had, the post office wouldn't have delivered it. Something about dangerous packages being... well... dangerous makes them not want to deliver them. Anyway, still with me? I was amused by what was in the package. I'll take photos tomorrow.

Bed time now, I think.

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